Wraps Are Hard

"The only thing I can wrap is burritos."

I am an all or nothing kind of person, so when I began my journey to becoming a photographer I brainstormed every way that I could gain as much experience as quickly as possible. What better way than to work for a company that would teach me photography and bring clients to me?? So, I found a full time job at a family studio in Franklin, TN and started soaking in as much information about working with clients as possible. I loved/still love working with kids and families. Some of my favorite sessions were those that ended with a child having a meltdown, exhausted parents, and a messy studio. When we finally plopped down to look over the pictures and they realized we had captured really genuine moments, my heart would overflow. 


During my time at the studio I learned that babies often time sleep through the session, require some milk breaks, and are so SO cute in baskets. Like seriously you can take a little alien looking two week old human, put them in a basket and voilà!! In addition to gaining experience, the studio was also stock full of props and gadgets to use. That is all well and dandy, but shooting outside of the studio is sooo much different. And if I'm being completely honest.. I left after my first newborn shoot by myself outside of the studio feeling a tad disappointed. As I usually do after a shoot, because I am so dang hard on myself. But the pictures turned out great and I learned a lot for next time! 


Thank you so much to my new friend and fellow firefighter significant other that referred me to Everett's mom! She trusted me to come into her home and capture some of the first moments in her newest additions life. Before the shoot I gathered together a few props to take with me (a suitcase, letter board, two fluffy blankets, fake plants?, and a wrap). And packed up my lighting kit. During the session Everett was WIDE awake. He barely shut his pretty blue eyes and moved around throughout the entire shoot. This was a hurdle I was not expecting as every new baby I had worked with previously slept through the majority of our time together and allowed me to move them around. He was so curious! And so active! Ya'll I was so spoiled at the studio. We had one of the best baby wrappers in the history of babies being wrapped. The only thing I can wrap is burritos. So between Everett's mom and I we got him half swaddled and he was not having it. Regardless of our inability to wrangle a month old little baby into a bundle of joy we ended up with some sweet pictures of him, his big brother and sister, and even a few with Mom!


In the end I learned that newborn shoots outside of a studio setting are a lot less structured. They require a little bit of ingenuity and that is the best part! Getting to be creative and shoot from every angle, capture the in between moments that are less than perfect and sending over the pictures with Everrett side eyeing us made me so soo happy that I was able to work with this awesome family. We got a lot of really great shots and I hope they are able to treasure them forever.


Keeping this first one short and sweet, just like me. LOL. Kidding. But really, if you got this far, thanks for reading and I hope to shoot with you soon! :)