Cohen at Terrapin Station

"I got there early to eat my taco bell (duh) and managed to snag some pictures of the load in and fans arriving."

Music is a powerful, wonderful, magical thing. It can transport you away from your stress, connect you with other people, and really, truly articulate what you're feeling, better than words alone ever could. Music has always been a pretty big part of my life, and unfortunately I was not blessed with any musical abilities whatsoever. I can't sing, I've tried to play a few instruments and let's just say people might pay me to NOT perform. I love it though. I love to play the ukulele and sing and I love live music! A lot of people say that they listen to anything, but I really can have an appreciation for every kind of music. Especially live and in person. Since I'm not able to contribute with sound, I'm glad that I'm able to capture still moments of music in action. An excellent example that hit really close to home for me, was an album release show I had the pleasure of shooting a few weeks ago. I am always really eager to support other artists, especially if they are local bands that haven't gotten their big break yet. 

I don't know when Nick Erickson and I became Facebook friends, but I started seeing this guy posting about his band, Cohen, and I could see how passionate and excited he was to share his music. I've been following their story through his personal page and have loved watching as him and his band grow. In an effort to support them even further I reached out to shoot their album release show when he announced it would occur in my college town. 

Typically, I shoot country music or something related like folk or country rock. Cohen is what I would consider heavy emo or as the kids are saying these days "sad boi" music. There were 4 bands opening for them and they were all also screamtastic, heavy, emo music. That's not usually what I shoot, for a few reasons. I live in Nashville, and while country music isn't the only kind of music that's played around town, it is definitely the most accessible to me personally. Also,  I am still very much in the learning phase of photography and shooting a country musician who isn't moving around the stage at the speed of light makes it a tad easier for me to focus on what I'm doing. That being said, just from a photographers point of view, I was so impressed with the performance that was put on by every single band. And I mean PERFORMANCE. These guys put on a damn show and involved everyone in the room.

I got there early to eat my taco bell (duh) and managed to snag some pictures of the load in and fans arriving. Those are some of my favorite shots. The more that I'm learning about my style, the more I'm finding that I love documentary style photography, the details, candids, and overall capturing genuine moments that people can then relive later when they look back on pictures. For one specific picture I saw through the front window that Nick and his friend were bringing a poster and equipment in and I literally ran out the door to get the shot. The venue itself was such a cool backdrop for photos! It was a record store in Murray, Ky. The stage was an open space at the end of the store and the audience stood between shelves of records and sat on old couches. Such a neat, intimate space. With intimate comes challenges though. While Nick was moving around the floor and interacting with the audience I was dodging elbows, standing behind light poles and speakers, and trying to stay out of the way of other photographers. The lighting was another challenge. One of the bands brought strobe lights. They continually changed colors and flashed on and off, a super cool affect in person. Also a pretty cool affect in pictures if I'm being honest. 5 pictures taken within a few seconds looked completely different. But very intimidating when adjusting your settings in the moment. My camera is not great in low light situations (yea I know music is the majority of what I shoot. We get by.) and halfway through Cohen's set the lights turned off and all that was left was a red glow. Ya girl panicked. I'm talking walking back and forth, looking at the lights trying to use my non-existent mind powers to turn them back on we pulled through, I turned my ISO up to the heavens and got some pretty sick pictures with the red lights and snagged my external flash for a few as well.  This was definitley a night to remember and every single band was incredible! 

If you're into music in any capacity I highly suggest giving Cohen a listen and a follow!