Hi! I’m Marisa, the face behind Risa T Photography!


I use to set up backdrops and take pictures of my stuffed animals as a kid, but somewhere between high school and my adult life I got sucked into the rat race of sales and forgot about the passion that I had for photography! The moment I picked up a camera again I knew it was something I couldn’t live without. For me it’s about capturing moments in time. I am nostalgic and love looking back at pictures and the memories that are attached to them. That’s something I love doing for other people! There’s nothing like having pictures of yourself and/or your family that you love looking at and sharing.

Beyond photography, music is a huge part of my life. I really believe that there is a song for every situation. It can be such a powerful pick me up if you're feeling low and can make good times that much better. I personally have no music ability whatsoever, but I love to play the ukulele and I love to be around music!


Let’s get together and shoot soon! 


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